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Both are unprovable ideas but I am sure that believers in both sides of the argument can look at the maths and see that they are correct. Hawking can get the maths correct on an idea but later admit he was wrong. I may be totally wrong but I believe it is nothing more than magnetic attraction or repulsion. We know this is so because every atom is magnetically connected in some way.

Gravity to me is only a word that Newton dreamed up to make his formulas fit the occasion. Same goes for time and space bending. There are literally hundreds of things I disagree with, but one has to be careful how you approach the world with your thoughts on these questionable subjects. I believe the universe moves at a speed that has been relatively the same for billions of years. Pay day loan that constant speed, things as we know them would likely not survive.

Gravitational lensing does work in that it makes things very far away look bigger so we can see them. Long before this pay day loan found out, I did wonder if a galaxy in the right position might do this, because they look similar to a convex lens (which makes things behind them look bigger). Pay day loan forces act over very tiny distances and gravity over very large distances. I suspect they have the same cause. Everything moves about in the Universe but even after over 13 billion years of supposed expansion, galaxies still collide as the Andromeda Galaxy is expected to collide with our galaxy in about four billion years.

cash advance What leads you to think that a proton contains more than three quarks. Is it because proton collision debris shows a large number of various quark trails, or for some other reason. As protons are accelerated in the LHC, they gain energy. Even though the inside of the LHC is the best vacuum we can produce, there are still some particles in it and if a proton hits one of them, it does not make it to the target.

A proton accelerated in the LHC gains energy in the same way that a bullet held in your hand gains energy if fired from a gun. I am using the web to understand the composition of the nucleus of an atom. Hydrogen will do quite well. What I want to know is, of what are the subatomic particles composed. Of what is the quark composed.

Of what are the gluons made. Do they have weight. Do they occupy space. Ultimately are we forced to conclude that all of the subatomic particle are some form of energy. Some will say energy but matter is not energy. We have passed the limits of our present technology so we use informed guesswork. I was a little disappointed to find that some of chemistry is theory not fact. Electricity tells us (negatively cash advance charged) electrons exist. A positively charged particle tells us the proton exists, and one with no charge, the neutron.

We see their trails as they go through a magnetic field in a cloud chamber after atoms are smashed apart in a collider, and then it is a matter of interpreting what trails are what from the photos. Google cloud chamber photos.

The Higgs mechanism has some questions that need to be answered. One is that few millions proton collisions happen and only one Higgs boson is sometime observed. The Higgs boson is supposedly even more universal than particles like the proton and electron, in that it should be part of everything physical, having mass.

And yet we cannot find it everywhere, or maybe even anywhere. There is no evidence this particle does what is claimed of it and yet people who seem to know nothing give them a Nobel prize for finding it. Accordingly, I know nothing about physics, but I am curious. Reggie Kemp You are commenting using your WordPress. RSS - Posts Of Particular Significance Skip to content HomeAbout About Me A New Career Phase About This Site and How to Use It Articles Large Hadron Collider FAQ How We Learn What Happened in a Proton-Proton Collision Introduction to the LHC Photos Of The LHC Some Technical Concepts Fermions and Bosons GeV and TeV Invariant Mass What are anti-particles.

Or Just an Important One. Why so quiet at LHC. Particle Physics Basics C, P, T (And Their Combinations) Cerenkov Radiation Fields and Their Particles: With Math 1.

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