Duties of a HOA management company

A House Owners Association (HOA) management company acts as a major element for everyday operations of the association. Worthross the HOA Management Companies Texas. Click here to know more about Worth Ross and the services offered by this company.

Worthross the HOA Management Companies Texas

As a part of the service contract, most HOA management companies provide various essential types of support and also handle certain duties. Some of these are as follows:  

Vendor Management: HOA management companies act as agents and solicit competing bids from vendors for upgrades and maintenance. Other than that, they also act as the primary point of contact for vendors. Most HOA management often involves supervising a wide range of vendors which includes landscaping upkeep costs, pool maintenance, security services, and sports complex upgrades.

Board Meetings: The management companies documents and facilitates board meetings which might include drafting meeting agendas, noticing the meeting, attending the meeting, taking minutes, providing advice and suggestions in the meetings, disseminating minutes after the meeting, following up on areas of action, and acting as inspectors of election for annual meetings if required.

Community Building: To enjoy being a part of the community, you should feel welcome and comfortable among your neighbors. Since the board members of the association are volunteers, they lack the time to make sure that the community is socializing. But once the board approves that a management company should take care of the board’s wishes, the management team organizes community events that can encourage friendship and familiarity among the neighbors.

Community Walk-throughs: The HOA management company devotes attention and time to make sure that the community looks as good as possible and all residents do their part by following all rules and regulations put forth by the association. It also includes noting safety issues in common areas and bringing it to the board’s attention.

Risk Reduction: Management companies are experts in successfully operating HOA’s. They help the board eliminate risks by ensuring that the association’s exposure to liability is low as possible. It includes specifics like making sure that the HOA’s insurance coverage is in force and adequate.

Guidance in Business: Most of the reputable management companies have plenty of experience in providing advice to homeowners associations. Smart HOA boards make use of this expertise by taking input from the management company before making final decisions about issues that might affect the association.

 Besides this, there are various accounting duties that are taken care of by management companies. The management company is legally obligated to take care of the needs of the HOA. Some of the duties of the management companies are defined by the state law. There are some financial duties that the HOA board requires the management company to handle. Some of these are:

Collection of dues: The management companies are usually responsible for collecting the corporation dues on behalf of the HOA. The collected amount is deposited directly into the HOA’s account and is not directly paid to the management company.

Monthly fiscal statements: Management companies organize and compile the monthly fiscal statements on behalf of the HOA board. Hence, all board members get a clear idea regarding the finances of the association.

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